Online English Tutoring: Grades 10 – 12

As students progress into their higher level grades, they often need help with their English studies. This is particularly true if they previously have experienced challenges in English. Online English Tutoring will help them with a variety of problematic areas.

We offer Online English Tutoring for students in high school. Our approach is to customize teaching for each student.

Our Tutoring Features:


Individualized Learning Plans

Homework Help

​Enthusiastic, Professional Tutors

Convenient Online Tutoring

To Start with English Tutoring

Each prospective tutoring student is required to complete our online questionnaire. This will help us to become familiar with the area(s) the student needs help with.


Note that we contact the Student’s parent/guardian within 36 hours of receiving the complete Questionnaire.

Our Tutoring Approach

Depending on the nature of the student’s challenge(s), we may ask he/she to take a skills evaluation.

All live tutoring session(s) are customized to the student’s grade and skill level. This will help them to overcome their individual challenges.

We treat all student’s with the patience, support and guidance. This allows them to build their confidence and English skills – at their own pace.

Professional tutoring is live, one-to-one online from the convenience of your home.

Our specialty is English Language Arts and it is the only subject that we provide tutoring.

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