We help your child with our professional tutoring to better learn and comprehend the English language. Specifically, with:

Catching-up with English lessons to keep pace with their current school curriculum.

Getting ahead of upcoming studies to avoid their falling behind.

Acquiring better communication skills for use in school learning and in daily living.

Developing their confidence and willingness to engage.

Improving their current reading and comprehension skills.

Enhancing their writing, vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation skills.

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As tutoring professionals, we know for your child to realize their best potential in English is the benefit of our Private English Tutoring. To begin, we help your child to understand their particular challenges. Next, we work with them individually to help them to improve.

We also offer Group English Tutoring Sessions that give your child the opportunity to read and better understand English while interacting with others in a small class of not more than 5 students. In these online groups, your child will also learn how to properly pronounce words, enhance their spelling and gain confidence with their English skills.

Your Child’s Natural Intelligence


How we help your child includes teaching them how to read. We use a thoughtful approach with an emphasis on confidence. Our goal is for your child to reach their best understanding about what they are reading. Similarly, this allows them to become connected to the content in a meaningful way. Further, we make them aware of the importance of building their vocabulary. We explain how to expand on the number of words they know. Next, we encourage them to pay attention to spelling and improve their pronunciation. There is an emphasis placed on reading and speaking the English language. We support them by showing how they can use their own intelligence. We use time-proven methods that will last them a lifetime.

Why Your Child May Have Difficulties

The reason your child is encountering difficulties in learning English may relate to:

  1. They do not read enough.
  2. Reading content is not at their level.
  3. Current teaching time is not enough.
  4. There are too many distractions around them that limit their ability to focus.
  5. There is an inconsistent or nonexistent routine that has a negative impact on their learning.
  6. They have a vague interest in learning content.
  7. There is uncertainty regarding where their learning challenges are.
  8. Lack of organization about study time.
  9. Too little time spent on English learning.
  10. Homework is not completed or properly corrected.
  11. Study habits and scheduling are poor or inconsistent.
  12. There is a lack of confidence with their English studies.
  13. A fresh teaching perspective is needed.
  14. There is limited timely follow-up to address problem areas.

How We Help Your Child to Improve:

Discovering Specific Challenges

Engaging in Professional Tutor-Guided Help

Establishing a Study Schedule

Reviewing Ways to Increase Reading

Showing How to Become Better Organized

Creating Learning Follow-up

Building Suitable Study Habits

How We Help Your Child

Our Tutoring Will Give Your Child the Potential to Experience:

READING IMPROVEMENT. If advances are made in reading skills, overall academic performance will improve. Therefore, learning how to read well has an overall benefit.

ADVANCED ENGLISH COMPREHENSION. Knowing how to interpret the meaning of what is being read, is central to learning. More specifically, the goal is to understand their meaning.

BETTER VOCABULARY BUILDING. A greater vocabulary can improve communication skills. For instance, the increased variety of words used, allows for clearer meanings to be expressed.

IMPORTANCE of SPELLING ACCURACY. Poor spelling can limit quality written communication. Therefore, it is good to be aware of the importance of spelling words correctly.

GOOD PRONUNCIATION. Part of good communication is knowing how to correctly pronounce words. If words are correctly said, they are better understood.

How English tutoring helps your child.


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