Students in Kindergarten to Grade 9 often require help with their English studies. As students continue to learn, private English tutoring helps them to ensure they are on the right path. Often the transition from Elementary to Junior High can show where student have been experiencing incremental challenges. It is best to ensure in earlier grades that students are understanding their English studies before it becomes overly problematic.

Private English tutoring gives the student the opportunity to learn at their own pace and ask questions specific to them. Their tutor will be able to provide the student with individual attention and focus. Therefore, the student will strengthen their knowledge and understanding and specific help to areas that need improvement.

Private English Tutoring Features:

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Customized Learning Plans

Flexible Scheduling

​Enthusiastic, Professional Tutoring

Convenient Online or Telephone Tutoring

We Create Customized English Learning Plans

For any student to improve their reading and comprehension, they need to participate in learning that is individually tailored to their grade, skill level and learning pace. We create customized tutor-led learning sessions that are a combination of reading and comprehension, vocabulary building, spelling and pronunciation. All new students are given a Student Evaluation to complete. This will help us to determine where we need to focus according to their grade and skill level. See below to arrange.

The Benefits of Private English Tutoring

What to Expect:

We start your child with a grade appropriate Student Evaluation. This helps us to determine their current skill level.

Live tutoring session(s) involves the tutor providing learning material and exercises that are specific to your child’s grade and skill level. This will help them to overcome their individual challenges.

Our method of teaching is customized to your child as we pay particular attention to how they learn and what inspires them.

We treat your child with the patience, support and guidance that allows them to build their confidence. Our focus is learning at their own pace.

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English is the only subject that we teach.

English tutoring sessions support (not replace) current school English Language Arts curriculum. Our help is intended to strengthen regular school learning.

We work with students in Kindergarten to Grade 9 attending regular school and those in home schooling programs.

Professional tutoring is live, one-to-one online or telephone from the convenience of your home.

We are locally based in Edmonton, Alberta.

How to Start:

It is helpful for both the student and us to gain an understanding of where their English skills are, at present. We request that all new students complete a Student Evaluation to help us determine where we need to focus them according to their grade and skill level.

After we review the Student Evaluation, we will contact you, the parent/guardian to advise what we believe is the best approach to help your child. We may also wish to view some of the homework that your child has difficulty with. Please know that we will provide all of the details you need to help you to decide if you wish to move forward with our tutoring sessions.

To receive a Student Evaluation for your child to complete, send your child’s grade and your contact information to: hello{at}birdseyetutoring{dot}ca

Should you have any questions, please click here for ways to contact us.

LEGAL: Please be advised that purchasing our Student Evaluation and/or tutoring services infers that you are aware of our legal disclaimers and conditions – click here.

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