English Language Arts is the most important subject that students need in order to realize their best future in education and in their everyday lives.

Our commitment is to helping students to reach their fullest potential and for them to view learning as a wonderful adventure. We encourage them to enjoy, experience and ultimately master their English studies.

We have been providing educational services for over 5 years in the Greater Edmonton area. We know that in order for a student to be successful, they need to be treated individually throughout their learning journey.

We bring enthusiasm and positivity as the keys to learning and we encourage that attitude with our students. We work to create behaviour that cultivates a willingness to learn.

All students, of any age must be committed to working at their skills in order for improvement to materialize. We know that excellence in reading and comprehension skills, translates to the best educational attainment. It also is paramount in many other aspects of life.

Our customized approach works as it helps students to appreciate what reading can bring to them. They discover the world around them through stories. We inspire thinking that enlightens their minds and sparks their inherent abilities. They experience history as told by others and they learn how their imagination can create beauty and wonderment.

Through attaining their best possible reading abilities, students also build their vocabulary as they encounter words that are not always familiar to them. This gives them the opportunity to expand their word knowledge and meaning.

Reading and comprehension also brings benefits to writing skills. The more qualitative reading that a student engages, the more strengthened their writing and spelling becomes as they observe sentence structure, word use and the overall mechanics of language.

As students improve their reading and add to their vocabulary, they develop a better, more qualitative understanding of the meaning of what they are reading. In addition, their pronunciation improves, particularly when a student reads aloud as they become aware of how they are expressing words and what they are saying.

The togetherness of all of these components, builds their comprehension skills and that results in the true gift and appreciation of reading!