English Tutoring helps students to achieve their personal best.

For students to be successful in school, they need to be comfortable with the English language.

English tutoring has a special place in your child’s education. The reason is good English reading and comprehension skills are essential for learning. Students should possess a variety of skills that include listening, speaking and writing. This ability will help them to better express themselves and to understand others. Furthermore, as individuals they become fully equipped to participate in life’s many interactions.

Personal Benefits of Bird’s-Eye Professional English Tutoring

Encourage Active Questioning

Tutoring removes awkwardness by encouraging questions in a safe, supportive environment.

Helps Boost Confidence

Effective tutoring sessions help overtime to boost a student’s emotional confidence.

Relieves Boredom

Some students don’t perform well in school because they are bored! Tailored lessons from a tutor helps with that.

English Tutoring
Academic Performance Improvement

Quality tutoring can help students with their overall academic performance as they apply their enhanced English skills.

Makes Learning Fun

Good tutoring helps to make the process fun for the student!

Learn Helpful Study and Work Habits

To start, one of the first things tutors assess is a student’s study and work habits and they work to improve them.

Our English Tutoring does not replace the existing school curriculum, it supports it.

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Quality English skills, benefits students in their future education and

in their everyday lives.

Our Customized Approach

Our customized approach works. Firstly, it helps students to appreciate what reading can bring to them. Secondly, they discover the world around them through stories. Thirdly, these stories inspire thinking. In conclusion, this results in words enlightening their minds and sparking their natural learning instincts.

To begin to learn English properly, students must have excellent reading and comprehension skills. Why? As the foundation to English literacy, the ability to read encompasses many aspects of learning. These skills include spelling, vocabulary building, grammar, pronunciation and writing. Therefore, the better that a student can read and understand what they are reading (comprehension), will greatly benefit them.

We bring enthusiasm and positivity to students as the keys to learning. We encourage that behaviour with all students. This attitude helps to cultivate an interest and willingness to learn.

Improving English Skills is a Choice

Making the decision to improve English skills is a choice. This does not happen through luck or accident. This takes a positive and determined mindset to want to improve English skills.

Similarly, students of any age must be committed to working at improving their English skills.

Benefits to Anticipate

Students add to their vocabulary the more they. In addition, as their reading improves, they develop better comprehension skills.

Other benefits for students include improving their:

  • writing skills
  • sentence structure
  • word use
  • vocabulary building
  • pronunciation
  • language mechanics and grammar
  • spelling and punctuation

In conclusion, all of these components together builds comprehension skills. Further, this results in the true gift – an appreciation of reading!

Give Your Child Their Best Advantage

Our commitment is to helping students to reach their fullest potential. Further, we want them to view learning as a wonderful adventure. As a result, we encourage them to enjoy and master their English studies.

Children retain what they learn through using their imagination and creativity. As a result, their confidence is built, once they learn how to comprehend and connect to the stories they read. Finally, they advance their technical English skills.

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